Meet Our Executive Staff

Michael Bach

Michael Bach

Founder and CEO

Michael Bach is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bach Capital Management, Inc. He is deeply dedicated to helping businesses achieve the revenue streams necessary for rapid growth acceleration and increased profitability. Mr. Bach brings a unique set of skills to the company.

He began his career as a law clerk for various Civil and Supreme Court judges in New York State and continued his law career with the New York State Insurance Department. In that capacity, he managed and supervised legal, claims, and support personnel of various sizes and complexities. After ending his legal career, he became an independent business consultant and specialized in raising capital.

Prior to founding Bach Capital Management, Inc., Mr. Bach set up various companies dedicated to the monetization of financial instruments and/or assets as well as the acquisition of alternative financing for growth strategies.

Frederick Brill

Frederick Brill

Senior Portfolio Manager

Frederick Brill is the Senior Portfolio Manager for Bach Capital Management. He brings over fifty (50) years of experience to the Company, of which forty (40) years were spent with the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) in continuous service. For the last five (5) years of his tenure at the USPS, Mr. Brill developed cash architecture involving scope, processes, alternatives and risks and managed a Two Hundred Million ($200,000,000 USD) Dollar daily cash flow.

For the past thirty-eight (38) months, Mr. Brill has managed our Friends and Family Fund comprised of high net worth individuals in the entertainment field. The Fund began with Two Million ($2,000,000 USD) Dollars in 2017 and rose to over Ten Million ($10,000,000 USD) Dollars in 2020. Mr. Brill has over fifty (50) years trading in both the Commodities and Equity markets and is very familiar with Exchange Traded Funds, Futures and Options.

In addition he is a Subject Matter Expert in S&P 500 Index Trades and holds a BBA in Banking, Finance & Investments from Hofstra University.

John Deluca

John Deluca

Director of Fine Art and Collectables Bond Securitization

John DeLuca is the Director of Fine Art and Collectables Bond Securitization. His deep background in all areas of Finance coupled with an extensive background and love of Fine Art and collectables makes him uniquely qualified for this position.

Mr. DeLuca comes from an extensive legal and business background with over thirty years of outstanding performance in Company Turnarounds, Finance and Acquisitions. He specializes in solution-based management consulting, having resolved hundreds of complex personal and business related situations for ultra-high net worth clients.

Mr. DeLuca’s ability to plan, strategize and successfully complete sophisticated financial transactions adds considerable value and expertise to  Bach Capital Management’s service of using non income appreciating assets such as Fine Art and Collectables to create liquidity through Bond Securitization. This will allow institutional and private art collectors the opportunity to monetize their beautiful works while retaining complete ownership.

Dean Sukowatey

Dean Sukowatey

Managing Director

Dean Sukowatey serves as Managing Director of Bach Capital Management. In that role Mr. Sukowatey performs a pivotal function in BCM’s Management Consulting, Treasury Management and Bond Securitization Services.His experience and skill set brings great value to both the Company and its clientele.
Mr. Sukowatey has forty (40) years’ experience on Wall Street as a Broker, Trader, Fund Manager and Consultant at several firms, including Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber and Lehman Brothers. During his time in the Financial Services Sector, Mr. Sukowatey managed two (2) private funds and provided consulting and investment banking services. He is an acknowledged expert in clean energy production as well as Carbon Credit Offsets,
Mr. Sukowatey earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Microbiology and Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin. He obtained his pilot’s license and has been flying for over Forty-Six (46) years.
Mr. Sukowatey has recently founded WINGS OF ANGELS FOUNDATION to provide humanitarian transport and medical air ambulance service to wounded veterans, underprivileged patients, and organ donor transport.
David Bach

David Bach

Director of Sales and Marketing

David Bach is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Bach Capital Management. He brings a great deal of communication and organizational skills to the task of putting clients in the best position to improve the overall profit efficiency of their businesses.

Mr. Bach graduated from the University of Hartford with a bachelor’s degree in communications and completed the curriculum offered at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Following graduation, he spent several years as a producer, writer, and talent of several cable TV shows in addition to serving as a co-host of the Greenburgh Report with the Greenburgh Town Supervisor which was broadcast weekly.

Prior to his employment with Bach Capital Management, he served as an independent business consultant and is a co-host and senior correspondent for Center Left Radio.

Kara Atkinson

Kara Atkinson

Director of In-Ground Assets & Hallmarked Gold

Kara Atkinson is a seasoned financial expert serving as the Director of In-Ground Assets & Hallmarked Gold at our firm. Additionally, she serves as Chief Executive Officer for Liquid Gold Capital. With over a decade of licensed experience in the professional financial world, Kara boasts a rich and diversified background in alternative asset funding, with a specialized focus on hard assets.  

As a visionary leader, Kara has successfully navigated complex financial landscapes, driving numerous hard asset projects, including international ventures and high value specialized acquisitions, to fruition. Her adeptness and strategic approach have been pivotal in delivering consistent success across a spectrum of high-value projects, catering to clients starting at the $100M+ range.

In her role as Director of In-Ground Assets & Hallmarked Gold, Kara offers unparalleled insights, leveraging her intelligence and track record of success to deliver tailor-made financial strategies. As a valued member of our team, she embodies our commitment to delivering unparalleled monetizing solutions, ensuring that each client receives the bespoke attention and expertise needed to achieve their financial aspirations.

Dominick M. Valenti

Dominick M. Valenti

Director of Sports and Entertainment Securitization

Dominick M. Valenti is the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Valenti Partners LLC. He has over thirty plus (30+) years’ experience as an investment banker on Wall Street and has run Valenti Partners since 1991. He has broad experience in working with companies of various sizes, as well as companies seeking seed money for “new” projects to fulfill financial needs.

Valenti Partners LLC has developed relationships with major international commercial banks and other entities that provide a vast array of financial products and/or
services specifically tailored to enable clients to meet their goals. He provides insight, expertise, and comprehensive advice with a down-to-
earth approach on key aspects of local and international economics, personal finances and financial planning.

He is experienced in all business sectors with a specialty in the movie and entertainment sector.

Our Firm’s Mission Statement

Here at Bach Capital Management INC., our mission every day is to make available to our clientele the Asset Management expertise and the Management Advisory Solutions that will enable them to reach their long term financial goals and operational vision in a transparent, safe and secure manner.

Find out  how to finance your project without giving up excessive equity or paying  high interest.