Living Standards, Freedom and the UPPLIFT™ Investment Strategy

Living Standards, Freedom and the UPPLIFT™ Investment Strategy

An examination of the world economy over time reveals a simple truth, for almost all of human history there has been very little human advancement across all of the great empires and civilizations. The fact of the matter is that a day’s wages in 1600 BC could buy the same amount of wheat as a day’s wages in 1600 AD (Estimate of World GDP, One Million BC – Present, J. Bradford DeLong, 1998). What that means is that for over 3,500 years, a day’s worth of labor had remained basically unchanged.

However, looking at the last 400+ years it is clear that something dramatic has occurred with regard to the value of a day’s work. During this period, generation after generation of stagnant living standards have been replaced by almost non-stop growth. It is our belief that the core idea that has driven this advancement is the idea of “Freedom”. The growth of freedom particularly in the western world, the decline of nobility and the concept that “all men are created equal” is the driver for this almost non-stop rapid growth. The more people you have who are free to pursue their own ingenuity, to invent, to innovate, the faster the growth of living standards.

Available capital for entrepreneurs is the fuel that rapid growth in living standards require. Societal advancement requires that capital needs to flow where it is needed to allow people to pursue their own ingenuity, to invent and to innovate. Today a great deal of this much needed capital is in the hands of Private Capital, Hedge Funds and Family Offices. Investment by these entities require fundamentals to be in place which incorporate risk mitigation and principal protection strategies as well as a high alpha. Inasmuch as the goal of an investment decision is to generate alpha, preserve capital and mitigate risk, good fundamentals must be in place. Once fundamentals are in place, Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Family Offices will have the best of both worlds, taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves while at the same time protecting the capital at play. Not only will this process result into greater investment opportunities but will continue the rapid growth in living standards raising overall human advancement.

Bach Capital Management (“BCM”) is ready to assist you in strengthening your project’s fundamentals thereby allowing more diverse opportunities for you to attract capital through its UPPLIFT™ Investment Strategy. UPPLIFT™ is a proprietary, transparent and proven investment strategy that provides uncorrelated cash dividends, tax deferred yields and principal protection, far exceeding what is currently available. By applying a percentage of the overall investment to our strategy, the UPPLIFT™ would create investment collateral while your project is being developed.

This investment collateral, separate and apart from the investment itself, provides a bridge during the project’s development period, thereby providing the investors providing the capital the ability to invest with little risk resulting in higher overall yields, increasing investor confidence and greater investor participation. This is particularly important to those potentially high opportunity entrepreneurial companies who are trying to raise capital with a solution that will facilitate their capital raise by taking all of the risk out of the investment for their investors without the company incurring substantial cost or administrative burden.

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