Traditional Project Funding Strategies Do Not Work

Traditional Project Funding Strategies Do Not Work

Financial experts describing the state of the Financial Markets always use the phrase “Investor Confidence”. No one ever uses the phrase “Borrower Confidence”. In order to truly ensure initial investor/lender interest to facilitate your funding needs, borrowers need to create “Investor Confidence” by demonstrating that the capital provided is safe.

Traditionally, posting collateral belonging to the borrowing entity, the individual owners or both usually does this. In addition, the investor/lender often requires a high interest rate and/or a substantial percentage of the borrowing entity’s equity. Not only does this often prove untenable or unattractive to the borrower but more importantly, it fails to separate you from the masses of other companies also seeking financing. It is axiomatic that attracting initial interest to your project greatly increases the odds that financing can be achieved. The ultimate question for the business owner seeking capital to answer is ”How do you attract that initial interest?”

The Solution

We are pleased to be able to facilitate the acquisition of project financing through our ability to create investment grade collateral to support project funding requests through the UPPLIFT™ Investment Strategy. Our methodology provides investors in high-risk alternative investment opportunities the ability to invest with little risk relative to the types of investments. At the same time, it affords those projects seeking financing with a solution that will facilitate their capital raises. Thus, resulting in a process that really takes the risk out of the investment for investors without the borrower incurring substantial cost or administrative burden.

Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for more information on how you can use the UPPLIFT™ Investment Strategy to secure the financing that you need.