Treasury Management

Treasury management refers to the governance of a corporation’s holdings, with the primary goal being to manage its money while mitigating reputational, operational, and financial risks. Using this system effectively equips a business with the necessary funds so it can fulfill all of its financial obligations. Treasury management strategies vary from company to company, but the goal of every Treasury Management strategy in every case is to manage their cash flow to meet all of their short and long term needs effectively as possible .

For any company to strive financially, managing their money effectively is crucial. Even very profitable enterprises need effective Treasury Management systems to ensure that they’re able to optimize cash flow and minimize any potential risks to their financial health and growth. With Treasury Management, organizations gain the necessary resources to monitor cash flow amounts and track the timing of them as they move to their final destination. Treasury Management also help companies determine how much money they need to retain so they can pay their expenses and bills and still maintain their level of growth.

Bach Capital Management UPPLIFT Treasury Management Investment Strategy (“BCM UPPLIFT TMIS”) employs an Index Option only methodology in order to insure an above market tax advantaged  return along with complete portfolio integrity regardless of how the Financial Markets AND/OR the Company performs

Benefits of Treasury Management

There are many benefits to adopting an effective Treasury Management Strategy, such as:

Creates an Additional Revenue Stream. Effective Treasury Management can create an additional revenue stream that is uncorrelated to both market conditions and the performance of the company.

Reduces potential risks: All companies have potential financial risks, but effective Treasury Management helps to identify those risks and then protect them. This means that an organization is less likely to experience extreme financial or asset losses.

Improves financial health: The better a company can manage its money effectively, the more likely it can achieve greater financial health. Good financial health indicates financial stability or growth, which is an appealing quality to corporate stakeholders and investors.

Encourages financial growth: Effective Treasury Management is an effective tool for helping a company generate more wealth and increase its profit margins by creating additional uncorrelated revenue streams. Greater financial growth means that organizations have more money to pay their employees and make structural improvements.

Helps with cost savings: By creating additional uncorrelated revenue streams effective Treasury Management provide businesses with access to a wide variety of resources and tools. Being able to use these resources helps to save organizations a lot of money since it’s unnecessary for them to rely on numerous outside sources to fulfill one specific operation.

Provides financial forecasting: The ability of effective Treasury Management to create additional uncorrelated revenue streams also means that Treasury Management can  often provide financial forecasting tools, allowing a business to make estimates about its future financial outcomes. These estimates help the company determine where to allocate funds, reduce cost borrowing decisions and pay off more debts. 

The Value Add of the BCM UPPLIFT TMIS

The BCM UPPLIFT TMIS is an incredibly powerful tool for the following types of entities:

  1. Start-Up or Early-Stage Companies – The BCM UPPLIFT TMIS when added to the financial projections of these types of companies in any sector produces a significant amount of investor confidence that they will achieve an above market return on investment and principal protection regardless of market conditions and/or the performance of the company itself thereby facilitating the capital raise for these companies at considerably lower costs.


  2. Revenue Producing Companies – The ability of the BCM UPPLIFT TMIS to produce an above market tax advantaged additional revenue stream regardless of market conditions and the performance of the company itself gives revenue producing companies the ability to expand quicker, pay down any existing debt faster and lower future borrowing needs and costs substantially.


  3. Investors – The use of the BCM UPPLIFT TMIS to Investors interested in project financing will dramatically reduce the risks inherent in startup financing thereby turning “high risk – high reward” opportunities into “low risk – high reward opportunities”. Additionally, Investors who already have a portfolio of investment opportunities can add the BCM UPPLIFT TMIS to create additional uncorrelated tax advantaged revenue streams.


  4. Individuals – Individuals interested in growing their own capital in an above market tax advantaged uncorrelated manner for future investment opportunities and/or financial independence (“Build Your Bank”) can use the BCM UPPLIFT TMIS to meet those goals.