Using the UPPLIFT™ for Project Financing

Using the UPPLIFT™ for Project Financing

Traditional Project Funding Strategies Do Not Work

Financial experts describing the state of the Financial Markets always use the phrase “Investor Confidence”. No one ever uses the phrase “Borrower Confidence”.

This simple truth represents the key to understanding how to obtain the financing that your business requires. Of course, a well drafted, well thought out business idea and business plan are required but in order to truly ensure initial investor/lender interest to facilitate your funding needs, borrowers need to create “Investor Confidence” by demonstrating that the capital provided is safe.

Traditionally, posting collateral belonging to the borrowing entity, the individual owners or both usually does this. In addition, the investor/lender often requires a high interest rate and/or a substantial percentage of the borrowing entity’s equity. Not only does this often prove untenable or unattractive to the borrower but more importantly, it fails to separate you from the masses of other companies also seeking financing. It is axiomatic that attracting initial interest to your project greatly increases the odds that financing can be achieved. The ultimate question for the business owner seeking capital to answer is ”How do you attract that initial interest?”

The Solution

We are pleased to be able to facilitate the acquisition of project financing through our  ability to create investment grade collateral to support project funding requests through the UPPLIFT™ Investment Strategy (“UPPLIFT™“). UPPLIFT™ is a proprietary Investment Strategy that provides on a best-efforts basis above market annual cash-on-cash dividends, tax-deferred yields and principal protection. UPPLIFT™ uses three (3) components: Life Insurance/Annuities, Treasury Management and Precious Metals to create investment grade collateral in the form of cash.

Our methodology provides investors in high-risk alternative investment opportunities the ability to invest with little risk relative to the types of investments. At the same time, it affords those projects seeking financing with a solution that will facilitate their capital raises. Thus, resulting in a process that really takes the risk out of the investment for investors without the borrower incurring substantial cost or administrative burden.

 The Process

A. Retainer Fees – $100,000 that is fully refundable after investment capital is obtained and a percentage of that investment capital is placed into our methodology;
B. We attach our procedure to the project business plan/marketing material providing both the risk mitigation, principal protection and dividends from the 1st quarter on as the project begins;
C. We participate in meetings with the investors/lenders sourced by the project to explain how our process protects the investor facilitating the investment;
D. One year term which can be extended for additional years at no additional cost until financing is obtained;
E. Once investment capital is obtained and capital is placed into our methodology, we charge an annual fee of 1.5% management fee;
F. We will use best efforts to provide a twelve (12%) percent return to the investor/ender. Anything in excess of twelve (12%) percent will be paid to us as our performance fee;
G. We guarantee repayment of the principal placed into our methodology to the investor/lender. The project is only responsible for the monies actually used by the project;

What We are Not

We are not Lenders nor Investors. We do not provide project funding and our fees are for services rendered. Our service is in creating investment grade collateral through the use of the UPPLIFT™ that will assist viable businesses/business ideas in obtaining the financing they require. Furthermore, our fees are a fraction of what is currently charged for a similar product. Bank Guarantees or Standby Letters of Credit which are the other types of products used to support financing requests typically charge between 12 to 20 percent of the total project cost.

We cannot and do not offer guarantees because ultimately whether you are funded depend solely upon the viability of your business and/or business idea. There are thousands of projects seeking financing. By engaging us you differentiate yourself from your competitors and get the ability to obtain that critical first look from investors/lenders by having sufficient collateral to protect the investment amount at a very manageable cost. This differentiation will allow you to attract the initial interest and facilitate the funding process from investors/lenders because they know their principal will be protected. Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for more information.