BACH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC., (“BCM”) is a leading Management Consulting Firm based in White Plains, New York serving both domestic and international clientele. We provide the following services:

Management Consulting Services

We provide strategic one-on-one executive consulting and coaching services to clients seeking to improve their overall profit and efficiency. We model and improve upon the profitability of the client by creating a blueprint or steps for the client to follow. This allows our clients to achieve the revenue streams necessary for rapid growth acceleration which results in a high rate of success. As part of our Management Consulting Practice, we provide Treasury Management Services and Provide Strategies to create liquidity to owners of non-income producing appreciating assets.

Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management refers to the governance of a corporation’s holdings, with the primary goal being to manage its money while mitigating reputational, operational, and financial risks. With Treasury Management, organizations gain the necessary resources to monitor cash flow amounts and track the timing of them as they move to their final destination. Treasury Management also help companies determine how much money they need to retain so they can pay their expenses and bills and still maintain their level of growth.

Bond Securitization Services

We have the ability to create liquidity for owners of non-income producing appreciating assets that truly meets all of the needs of the owner. By partnering with a large Investment Bank/Broker Dealer and using BCM Treasury Management Investment Strategy we are able to create liquidity for owners of appreciating assets without the need for loans or selling the asset.

Our Corporate Motto

BACH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC. aims to guide our clients toward positive change to enable them to reach their long-term financial, economic, and operational vision.

Mission Statement

Here at BACH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT INC., our mission every day is to make available to our clientele the Asset Management expertise and the Management Advisory Solutions that will enable them to reach their long term financial goals and operational vision in a transparent, safe and secure manner.

Contact Us

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Find out  how to finance your project without giving up excessive equity or paying  high interest.

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The BCM Bond and the Creation of a Liquidity Event

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